business card scanner?{shareasale}

Question by bar22bie: business card scanner?
im looking to buy a business card scanner, the main purpose is for shows and conferences. I would like that is portable, meaning i can bring it with me to the show, scan all the cards i need, then bring it home, connect it to the computer and transport all the contacts. Where can i find something like this? Price is not an issue.

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Answer by yardleyrod
Thats the one i use.
I got it for like 180.00 but its good. Its portable, meaning its powered thru the usb. Can even use it on the road. from 1-10 i would give it a 8.only because its a lil fragile.

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what is h.264?{shareasale}

Question by victorsh: what is h.264?

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Answer by orvado_technologies
H.264, MPEG-4 Part 10, or AVC, for Advanced Video Coding, is a digital video codec standard which is noted for achieving very high data compression. It was written by the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) together with the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) as the product of a collective partnership effort known as the Joint Video Team (JVT).

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does anyone know how to delete an operating system (windows xp) from a laptop?{shareasale}

Question by islandgirl: does anyone know how to delete an operating system (windows xp) from a laptop?
I caught a virus on my laptop and had to reinstall windows. the first attempt wiped everything out but I had purchased a faulty disk and it was not complete. I purchased a new disk and it installed beautifully. Now I have two operating systems on my computer at the startup. Do you know how to delete the partial one and leave the whole one? It is on and emachine if that helps.

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Answer by blinky472
Reformate… with the disk and delete the partition and create a new one using your new disk.

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Latest Dragon Age;Games News

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Dragon Age: Inquisition launches later this year for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game was originally expected to release last fall. The game may be the first in the Dragon Age series to include a multiplayer component.
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How do I configure Norton Internet Security ?{shareasale}

Question by Jane: How do I configure Norton Internet Security ?
I purchased Norton Internet Security online. Since I’ve downloaded it my computer seems to be running really slow. I want to know how to change the security settings on it so it might run a little faster. Also, can I burn this onto a disk and how. I sent it to “Sonic” which is the name of my CD burner on my laptop. It only shows a 2kb shortcut which can’t be the entire program (or is it ?). As I’ve told all of you before, I don’t know to much about computers(as you can see). Please help me out as soon as possible. I have a cable connection so I should have fast internet and this slow running computer is driving me nuts ! That’s why I’d like to burn my Norton onto a disk and then remove it from my computer to see if that’s the problem but I don’t know how OR if I can even do it since it’s a downloaded program. Thanks alot for all the help !!

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Answer by allansc2005
I might have the answer.Email me

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Microsoft Office 2010

As soon as I entered high-school, my teachers started giving me science and math projects every week. The projects were so lengthy and vast, that it used to seldom take even my weekends to complete them. It was really a tedious job for me to manually type everything in the notepad of my computer and then record all the calculations and statistics using the calculator, amongst other things. At times I took help from my parents and siblings, but that was again confined to a limited extent. It was slowly becoming unmanageable for me to complete and submit all my projects on time.

I discussed this problem with my teachers and all of them advised me to purchase and use the Microsoft Office pack for my projects. I bought it the very next day (with a friend of mine) and tried to install it on my computer. After several attempts, I was able to install all applications on my hard-disk. The whole pack of Microsoft Office 2010 included multiple applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint and some other add-on applications. As all the applications were new to me, it was really difficult for me to understand the functionality of each application and use them. I tried to understand these applications and its features through hit-and-trail methods, but couldn’t make much sense of it.

One day, while surfing through the Internet, I found a certain website, who was offering technical assistance for Microsoft Office 2010. Initially, i had second thoughts, because it was a paid-service. But since the price was affordable, I called them and spoke to the technician. They were really helpful and patient enough to listen to all my complications with Office productivity suite.

They guided me through every feature of the applications in a detailed manner and supervised me to apply them for my projects. It made my work a lot easier and since then, I have been completing all my project work using the Microsoft Office 2010 productivity suite. In no time, I was easily completing and submitting all my projects on time, much to the relief of my teachers.

Ryan Simon is a Microsoft Certified technician working at iYogi, which is a leading technical service provider for Office 2010. The company’s Microsoft Certified Technicians are dedicated to proper computer repair. iYogi also provides services such as, complete system cleaning, Windows Updates, virus removal, harddrive optimization, Office Word 2010 and information etc.

Microsoft Office 365 is the best of everything we know about productivity delivered as an always up to date service for organizations of all sizes. Office 36…
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